ULR Search conditions

State Enterprise “Information Resource Center” does not bear responsibility for the content of information, contained in the United Licensing Register.

It is forbidden while working with “ULR search”:

  • develop analogous search and metasearch systems for commercial purposes;
  • carry out requests for automatic or automated search and copy (“pump”) from ULR database, which can lead to consequences, stipulated by section XVI of Criminal Code of Ukraine (crimes in regard to electronic data processing machines (computers), systems and computer and telecommunication networks usage);
  • distribute data, received by means of ULR search, with commercial purposes;

Limitations while working with “ULR search”:

  • certain character set, displayed on the graphic image, which contains unique symbols, generated by CAPTCHA method, should be entered before each search by entered parameter in order to detect spam-bots and avoid downloading of ULR database;
  • number of pages, which are opened from each IP-address for certain period of time is limited, this is made to prevent ULR DB overloading with requests.